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Infrastructure - The Missing Link

Washington is now setting its fleeting sights on rebuilding infrastructure.

On Monday the White House will unveil infrastructure “principles” that hopefully will add meat to the bones of the president’s initiative highlighted in his State of the Union address. This week both Senate and House committees examined aspects of energy and infrastructure. To “contextualize” this, the last time we experienced harmonic convergence on this scale we got a major tax cut.



What might we expect in this case? At USEA’s Annual Energy Forum earlier this month, API’s Jack Gerard and NMA’s Hal Quinn made a good point about infrastructure: it’s about more than roads, bridges and dams. Important as these are to a well-functioning economy, infrastructure is also about the nation’s energy assets – including supply and access, transmission and transport, production and storage.  

The point of giving serious consideration to energy infrastructure should by now be too obvious for even our fractious political debate to ignore. Securing reliable and affordable energy is arguably a priority second only to securing the borders from invasion. No post-industrial power can prosper and maintain its independence without on-demand energy.

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While the cost of strengthening U.S. energy assets will be substantial, so will the job creation and economic benefits that voters still insist are their top priorities. 

Here are some modest suggestions for strengthening an energy infrastructure now showing its age.

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Pre-Owned Underground Mining Machinery Results in Lower Cost Per Ton

Quality equipment at a very reasonable price is available at a large sale of used underground mining machinery now taking place. This equipment will provide reduced mining costs for this highly competitive coal industry market. As optimism in the coal industry increases, with the support of the Trump administration, here is an excellent opportunity to purchase equipment at a highly competitive price thus making possible a lower cost per ton and providing advantages over competitors. 

The equipment is available for immediate shipment and the range of continuous mining equipment includes: 1- Joy 14CM10AA miner; 5 - Fairchild Continuous Miners; and 5 - Fairchild Continuous Haulage Systems.  There is also 1 - Fairchild 35C-WH Ground Based Battery System and 10 - Fairchild On Board Battery Systems. 

Roof bolters are available too. The range includes 1 - Fletcher LTDO-13-B, C-F Low Profile Single Boom Bolter; 1 - Fletcher Roof Ranger ll Twin Boom (Crawler) Bolter 13-B, C-F Low Profile; and 3 - Fletcher Roof Ranger ll Twin Boom Bolter (Rubber Tire) B, C-F Low Profile. 

Other equipment includes: 1 - A.L. Lee Mini-Mac Scoop 30HP; and 2 - Cogar Feeder Breakers. A large selection of belt conveyor equipment includes: 26 - Double Drive 36” Gear Driven Belt Drives; and 3 - Fairchild Double Drive 36” Lo-Lo Drives 75 HP. 

There are a number of vehicles including: 2 - J.B. Long Rock Dusters and 17 - J.B. Long Inspector’s Friends. There are 5 - Damascus Man Trip Transporters. Electrical equipment includes 4 - Line Power 750 KVA Power Centers. 

For further information, please contact Ken Mosely 540-235-2445 or email ken.mosely42@gmail.com

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 Clean Coal For The Future

The coal industry has the potential to provide yet more good-paying jobs for thousands of Americans, including visible minorities. That's the message I get after reading (an Associated Press) story about Duke Energy, one of the largest providers of coal generated electricity ("Duke Energy changes aimed at increasing minority contractors," Feb. 1).

The ability of the coal industry (and other fossil fuel providers, like oil and gas) to create millions of energy jobs across North America is a good news story that climate alarmists and other environmental radicals don't want known by the general public. Activists focus instead on the remote possibility, some scientists would say impossibility, that carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal will destabilize the climate.

Climate campaigners seem to forget that clean coal provides affordable and reliable electricity to 30 percent of the homes and businesses in the U.S.

Cheap energy and thousands of new jobs for coal miners, construction workers and hundreds of other contractors, from truckers to mechanics, engineers, suppliers and cooks — all thanks to clean coal. 

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 Op-Ed: Power Plan's Defeat Brought Real Change

Patrick Morrisey 

Two years ago, the outlook for West Virginia’s energy sector seemed grim.

We feared for the future of families whose living depends upon coal mining. We were concerned about our state’s economy and energy production.

We faced the possibility of another anti-coal president, this one with an environmental agenda even more radical than President Obama’s.

With our heads held high, we led our coalition of 29 states and state agencies in challenging the so-called Clean Power Plan at the Supreme Court and walked away with a historic, unprecedented victory — one that recognized the strength of our legal challenge to the Power Plan and stopped the Plan from going into effect while that challenge makes its way through the courts.

That day – Feb. 9, 2016 – changed everything.

The Supreme Court’s stay stopped the Power Plan in its tracks.

It turned the tide.

No longer were we victims of an overreaching agency. We were victors.

The stay built a bridge to a new presidency, one that respects the lawful separation of powers and the benefits of West Virginia coal.

As a result, West Virginia miners are going back to work and our state’s coal production has already increased.

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Rick Perry is Said to be Weighing Another Way to Save Coal Units

After failing to win a bailout for cash-strapped coal plants, the Trump administration is considering emergency orders that could keep at least some coal generators online, people familiar with the discussions said.

Rick Perry may use his authority as U.S. energy secretary to spur emergency compensation for coal plants run by FirstEnergy Solutions that may be at risk of shutting, said the people, asking not to be identified because the information isn’t public. The Energy Department is considering this option after federal regulators rejected a proposal by Perry last month to pay coal plants more for their “resilience,” they said.


Rick Perry


When asked to confirm the talks, agency spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said “that is not correct information” but declined to provide further detail.

The FirstEnergy Solutions plants in question were at the heart of the Trump administration’s plan to compensate nuclear and coal generators more for their power. The proposal was rejected last month by members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that Trump appointed who said it would violate U.S. law. Coal mogul Bob Murray, an outspoken advocate for the bailout plan and a Trump supporter, had previously called on Perry to use his emergency authority to save the FirstEnergy Solutions plants but was shot down. He’s warned that his company, which supplies some of the units, may face default if they shut.

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