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 Training Resources Applied to Mining (TRAM) Annual Conference


National Mine Health and Safety Academy

Beaver, WV 25801 

Event Date: 

October 09, 2018 to October 11, 2018

Join us at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beaver, WV October 9 - 11 for MSHA’s annual Training Resources Applied to Mining (TRAM) Conference! This year’s theme is “Tune Up Your Training: Expand Your Toolbox!” and features presentations from some of the industry’s most respected safety trainers. This tuition-free conference provides opportunities for health and safety trainers to improve their training skills and infuse their training programs with new ideas and materials. Participants may select from a variety of workshops. The small group format encourages interaction between participants and workshop leaders. Vendor exhibits showcasing innovative health, safety, and training products make TRAM a must for any mining or safety and health training professional looking to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Workshop Presenters

The workshops cover a wide variety of topics pertinent to mine safety trainers. This year’s workshops will be organized by the following categories:  Training Technology, Training Programs, Safety, Health, and Risk Management / Mitigation.  Presenter registration and presentation synopsis submission deadline is Friday, June 29, 2018.


The exhibit area features some of the latest training materials developed by MSHA, State Grant recipients, and the mining industry. Additional exhibits showcase innovative health and safety products. 

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Knight Hawk on Track to Post Record Production This Year; Exports to Double

Knight Hawk Coal approaches mid-year on track to post record annual production in excess of 5 million st, with exports playing an increasingly important part of its sales mix, a company official said Friday.

"Production is going well. We had a good first quarter and a pretty good second," Andrew Carter, vice president of marketing for the family owned company, said in an interview.

Knight Hawk Prairie Eagle Mine

Knight Hawk was only minimally affected by heavy rains that doused the region earlier this year and southern Illinois now appears to be settling into an extended period of hot summer weather. 

The company expects to begin bringing coal out of its new Prairie East portal by the end of this year at its flagship Prairie Eagle underground mine. Prairie Eagle produced nearly 1 million st in Q1 2018, according to the US Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Knight Hawk is in the process of awarding bids for construction of a five-mile-long overland conveyor belt to transport coal from the new portal to the Prairie Eagle prep plant.

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 US Coal Still in Demand Overseas Because of High Seaborne Prices

In the US export market this week, a CFR deal for Northern Appalachia coal, basis 6,900 kcal/kg, for August loading was heard at a price greater than $110/mt.

NAPP coal continues to price into India as a result of relatively high coal prices, as well as ongoing uncertainty around the country's proposed ban on certain petcoke consumption.

S&P Global Platts Thursday assessed CFR India West 5,500 kcal/kg coal NAR at $102.60/mt, or $0.0187/kcal, while a delivered NAPP cargo at $110/mt, basis 6,900 kcal/kg NAR, would price at $0.016/kcal. 

Moroccan buyer Jorf Lasfar was expected to buy three 60,000 mt cargoes of 1.5% sulfur max Central Appalachia coal for July and August delivery. The utility typically buys CAPP coal on a fixed price for spot coal, but pricing for US coal was "difficult to read," given it was pricing in much cheaper than Russian coal, a second European trader said. 

"There is good demand from India as a substitution for petcoke with 3% {sulfur] coal," the trader said. 

Illinois Basin continues to move to destinations outside of Europe, to North Africa, India and South America, a European trader said. 

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Rick Perry: US Nuclear, Coal Plant Bailout Plan Still Being 'Fleshed Out'

A plan requested by U.S. President Donald Trump to prevent struggling nuclear and coal power plants from shutting is still being “fleshed out” by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the White House, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Friday.

Trump on June 1 directed Perry to take emergency steps to keep nuclear and coal plants running, in what would amount to an unprecedented intervention in U.S. power markets that has drawn backlash from environmentalists as well as oil, gas and renewable energy companies.

Rick Perry

“This is not just singularly an economic issue,” Perry told reporters at the G20 Energy Ministers’ meeting in Bariloche, Argentina, citing risks of cyberattacks by “nefarious actors” or “terrorist groups” on the civilian electric grid, which also provides U.S. military bases with nearly all their power.

According to the DOE, cyber and physical threats are “minimized” at nuclear and coal plants because they can store months of fuel on site to survive a supply cut. Some experts have said coal infrastructure is just as susceptible to cyber attacks as natural gas pipelines.

The U.S. coal and nuclear power industries have been shrinking for years, under pressure from cheaper natural gas along with advances in solar and wind energy.

“You would not want to wager that your liberties and your freedoms in a country – the United States in this case – should be left solely to the free market,” Perry said.

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 World Coal Association Responds to BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018

Responding to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2018 (PDF), Benjamin Sporton, Chief Executive of the World Coal Association (WCA) said:

“BP’s Energy Outlook continues to support a number of other independent forecasts that suggest that despite the well-documented growth of renewables, fossil fuels, including coal, will remain dominant sources of energy in the global energy mix. Coal still accounts for a significant share of the global energy mix at 27%.

Benjamin Sporton

The latest figures prove how important coal continues to be in powering growth in developing and emerging economies. It’s therefore essential that we recognise this and support countries to use emission reduction technologies like carbon capture use and storage, which allow them to meet climate obligations while at the same time meeting economic imperatives.

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