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MSHA Stand Down For Safety Day – Powered Haulage

Tomorrow is MSHA’s Stand Down for Safety Day, when all levels of MSHA enforcement staff will visit mines to meet with miners and operators. MSHA staff will emphasize the need to comply with best safety practices for powered haulage, vehicle rollovers, and miner training to reduce fatalities and injuries. All of this outreach is centered on reducing mining related fatalities and injuries. Two of the flyers that staff will be handing out will focus on powered haulage and vehicle rollovers. Join us in getting the word out about mining hazards and how to keep workers safe. Share these flyers, and the information and resources at www.msha.gov/poweredhaulage. For more safety information, follow MSHA on Twitter at @MSHA_DOL.

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Carbon Capture: The Key Answer on Climate Change

Hard as it may be for many environmentalists to acknowledge, a technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions at coal plants needs to be a part of a global approach to carbon dioxide reduction.

It is a remarkable paradox: At a time when the rest of the world is looking toward America for leadership in combating global warming, the environmental movement refuses to accept the only technology that could make a real difference in reducing carbon emissions from coal and other fossil fuels that are the foundation of the global energy system.  Coal plants with carbon capture technology along with advanced nuclear reactors can reliably provide all of the electricity needed globally with little or no CO2 emissions.  These technologies will work in almost any region in the world. 

Those politicians and environmentalists who claim that coal is a relic of the past ignore its importance in this country and abroad.  Coal is the world’s leading fuel for electricity generation, providing nearly 40% of the world's electricity supply, and an even higher percentage in countries with fast-growing economies. For example, China last year added 40 GW of new coal-fired power capacity, more than four times the amount of coal capacity that was retired in the U.S. in 2020. 

The U.S. cannot lead on climate by writing off coal or other fossil fuels. As Senator Joe Manchin recently said, “you cannot eliminate your way to a cleaner climate, you can innovate your way, but not eliminate your way.”       

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You Need to Attend MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® in Las Vegas

Less than two months till MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2021, the world’s largest mining show, and the global coal industry is focusing on attending this important event. Registration is open for this fall’s in-person show, which takes place in Las Vegas from September 13-15, 2021. The event brings together 40,000 exhibitors, attendees and event partners. Massive infrastructure and energy pushes to reignite their economies is planned by countries around the world and mining is central to those efforts.

On display will be global economic recovery efforts. Mined materials are the building blocks of every infrastructure project and all future energy technologies, feeding the world’s manufacturing, technology, defense and medical supply chains. Demand for mined products is poised to soar in the coming years.

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Carbon Reduction Can Secure Coal's Future

Seeking realistic reductions in carbon emissions is a noteworthy cause and is shared by many state students, residents and businesses.

To the surprise of some, the coal industry is part of this movement and, together with our in-state electric utilities, have made substantial gains over time and reductions that have placed our energy assets among the best in the world.

During recent times, much of airborne contaminants have been eliminated, while the amount of coal used to manufacture electricity for a household has tripled. This is a phenomenal and noteworthy achievement.

Chris Hamilton 

We at the West Virginia Coal Association are convinced that, with a little ingenuity and by working together, we will not only solve the carbon issue and consequently, the climate issue, but we believe it can be done in such a way that we should be able to continue using all of our natural resources to make steel, develop innovative carbon-based products and stabilize our dependence on household electricity.

This approach is at the core of Sen. Joe Manchin’s call to “innovate, not eliminate,” which we embrace.

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In a Transitioning Grid, Fuel Diversity Matters More than Ever

Grid reliability challenges this summer – from California and the Pacific Northwest to New York – are a clear signal we must better value the insurance provided by a balanced generation mix. But scorching heat aside, February’s catastrophe in Texas, that left 70% of the state without power, continues to sound some of the loudest alarms about overreliance on any one dispatchable fuel source and just in-time fuel delivery.

To be clear: no fuel or generating source came through the Texas freeze unscathed.  But detailed analysis of what went wrong and when it went wrong has increasingly pointed to the natural gas system as an area for deep concern. And perhaps most concerning of all, if the supersized gas system in Texas can fail – the oil and gas capital of the United States – what does it mean for other regions of the country? And how should we be thinking about policy to buttress the affordability, reliability and the resiliency of our energy delivery system in the years ahead?

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