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Warrior Met Coal Alabama Firm Doing Well But the Media Does Not Talk About That

While it’s true that there are a number of coal mining firms that are having difficulty, it’s also obvious now, that there’s a kind of mainstream media plot to make everyone think that each and every coal firm and coal industry affiliated company in America is in bankruptcy. From Murray Energy to Insight Terminal Solutions, examples of media mis-truths abound. In fact, that’s why Insight Terminal Solutions commissioned Zennie62Media: to tell the truth about the coal industry and the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal.

CNN’s Matt Egan wrote “The bankruptcy of Murray Energy puts an exclamation point on the stunning downfall of America’s coal industry. Despite President Donald Trump’s promise to revive coal country, the shift toward natural gas and renewable energy has only accelerated.” That would seem to indicate that CNN is trying to drum up bad news for President Trump, not tell the truth about Warrior Met Coal or the state of the coal industry.

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CSIRO 3D Laser Scanner Invention Set to Revolutionize

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia has developed a world first "flameproof" 3D laser scanning device that can "see things our eyes cannot" by transmitting a full panoramic view of an underground coal mine in real time.

Called the ExScan, the device is set to revolutionize the industry, allowing miners to leave the coal face and manage longwall operations remotely from a control centre above ground.


The ExScan device maps the coal seam underground.

Photo by CSIRO


This form of "intelligent mining" is currently being trialled by Glencore at its Oaky Creek mine site between the mining towns of Tieri and Middlemount in central Queensland.

The industry, which contributes $7 billion to Australia's export income, had been plagued with safety issues including the emergence of black lung disease.

Glencore technology superintendent Lauris Hemming said the industry had been aiming for safe full automation for decades.

"What you can see here is the penultimate stage, we are almost there. We are a few steps away from actually being able to remove the people from the coal face," he said.

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Marc Morano Slams Climate Myths at Pennsylvania State House

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that he wants his state to join a nine state cap and trade plan called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Carbon taxes?

This is a mistake that will threaten Pennsylvania's energy and business and cost taxpayers dearly — All while not altering the temperature of the Earth in any detectable way.



House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe held a hearing in response and invited CFACT's Marc Morano to testify.

If you ever wondered why climate campaigners fear Marc Morano enough to demand he be silenced, check out this rapid fusilade of facts:

"The UN IPCC is an organization that has been accurately called a political body masquerading as a science institution... let's take a look here at how 'settled' climate science is:

    - Climate change caused more rain, according to a study in the journal Nature, it also causes more rain, but less water.

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Paringa Resources Optimistic About Illinois Basin Coal Operations Following Recent Consolidation

Paringa Resources remains optimistic about its Illinois Basin operations given recent consolidation, the coal producer's third-quarter earnings report said Thursday.

"Recent industry consolidation in the Illinois Basin provides a strong environment for additional Paringa coal sales," the report said.

A prior release noted "in Paringa's sub-region of the ILB in western Kentucky, approximately 5.8 million st of supply capacity has recently been aggressively consolidated by Alliance Resource Partners, who acquired and then closed the Pennyrile Mine in September and closed the high-cost Dotiki mine in August."

Paringa delivered 136,000 st during Q3, up from about 26,000 st in the previous quarter. The producer also began coal sales to its second customer, Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corporation, at the end of September, and generated sales of about $5.7 million.

All sales and production came from Paringa's Buck Creek Complex in western Kentucky.

Salable coal production in Q3 totaled about 143,000 st, up from 26,700 st the prior quarter.

The realized sales per ton were $41.98/st in Q3, down from $42.35/st in the quarter before.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

What’s scarier than a Stephen Strasburg curveball? Ask the Houston Astros and they’d probably say, “not much.”

But Halloween’s imminent arrival means a different kind of scary. If there’s a constant about what scares us, it’s the dark. Watch most – if not all – scary or post-apocalyptic films and the first thing to go always seems to be the power. There in the darkness, minds begin to play tricks. Just what lurks beyond the cone of the flashlight or the flicker of the candle? The dark cold unsettles us while the warmth of light calms. There’s a pretty good reason it was Night, not morning, of the Living Dead.

Watching a scary movie might be one of the few times we don’t take our on-demand power for granted. No kid – or parent – heading down to the basement after a bone-chilling scary movie hasn’t thanked the heavens the lights come on at the flick of the switch.

But ghouls and goblins aside, the reliable delivery of electricity matters. In fact, it has never mattered more. Our world comes to a screeching halt when the power goes out. It’s not just an inconvenience; it stops commerce in its tracks, and it threatens lives. The combination of a loss of power and bitter cold or boiling heat can be deadly.

It’s all the more reason energy policy and the decisions we make about our grid can’t miss.

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